Menger Valve

Menger Valve

Our specialized inventory of valves, valve systems, and valve accessories is exhaustive, so we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Our stock inventory includes:

Gate Valves

The first industrial valve ever patented in America, gate valves continue to serve a variety of industries into the 21st century, and are commonly used to open and close pipeline flow, with little discernible pressure drop.

Butterfly Valves

Lightweight and compact, butterfly valves are often a good choice for pipelines with large diameters, or in limited space. They provide efficient control of fluid flow, and can handle high pressure.

Ball Valves

These rotary valves are excellent for tight seals and rapid shut-offs. At Menger Valve, we offer a variety of different styles, including floating ball valves and trunnion ball valves, depending upon the pressure conditions in pipelines.

Globe Valves

Globe valves are excellent for pressure control – including throttling and flow regulation – thanks to the vertical plug which is raised or lowered via its handwheel. As with all our valves, we stock globe valves in exotic alloys to deal with high temperature or high-pressure environments.

Check Valves

Check valves are generally installed in pipelines and hydraulic systems to prevent backflow. A check valve is basically a one-way valve, in which the flow can run freely one way, but if the flow turns, the valve will close to protect the piping, other valves, pumps. 

There are different styles of check valves including but not limited to; swing checks, piston checks, ball checks, tilting disc checks, etc…

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Menger Valve
Menger Valve
Menger Valve
Menger Valve
Menger Valve
Menger Valve

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