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Who We Are...

Marek Menger has over 40 years of experience with a legacy of innovation and high standards regarding industrial valves. Marek was the founder and Owner of Petro-Valve, Inc., building the company from a start-up to an acknowledged leader in the industry with impressive annual revenues. Despite challenges in the Oil and Gas industry in the 1980s, he established the company’s name in the industry and solidified its status as an authorized stocking distributor for AML approved manufacturers.  Marek’s vision in the 1980s pioneered the Master Distribution business model in the industry.

With his entrepreneurial spirit, commitment, energy and his business relationships, Marek launched Menger Valve. His partnerships with manufacturers have enabled the company to provide the highest-quality products and services to its customers. Subsequently, in just five years since opening in 2017, Menger Valve has firmly established itself as a trusted name in the industry – thanks to a best-in-class inventory of industrial valves, and a well-earned reputation for its knowledgeable, solution-oriented customer service and speedy shipments.

"Lets work Together"

The customer service team at Menger Valve is reliable, responsible, flexible, and committed to providing personalized service in the fastest manner possible. Each member possesses extensive technical knowledge, so you get what you need faster. Knowledge, Speed, and “Can-Do” attitudes are what makes our Customer Service team the best in the area.

We know it’s important to work with a supplier who can help with everything from valve identification and selection to troubleshooting. Our team fully understands that time is money, so you can expect no delays or expedited fees for any requests, whether they’re made on the weekend or after hours. We specialize in solutions, which is why our help desk is on 24/7 standby, 365 days a year.

Markets we Serve



Valves keep the lights on, in the sense that they’re an integral and important part of any power system. We say important, but essential works just as well. Each power plant uses hundreds of valves to regulate flow in virtually every detail of its operation, including in volatile, high temperature environments.



It’s not an exaggeration to say petro-chemical plants could not operate safely without high-quality valves. Valves not only regulate the pressure and flow of oil, gas, water, steam, and hydrocarbons through pipelines, but they protect the pipelines themselves from too much pressure, and also help with the safe storage of toxic and flammable petrochemicals.



The refining industry has helped to build America, bringing needed fuel and jobs. But the complex processes needed to refine crude oil into other useful products – including gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, and kerosene – is reliant on high-quality valves for safe and regulated flow. Strong, durable, non-corrosive, and completely leak proof valves are an absolute necessity for the refining industry.

Oil & Gas


Oil and natural gas are mainstays of the Texas economy, and the U.S. economy, too. But the companies responsible for their production need valves to operate. Valves are a necessity for any pipeline flow, and thus vitally important in the oil and gas industries, which rely heavily on this delivery system. They’re also critical from a safety perspective.


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